Snowpuppe Chestnut Pink


This lampshade has a cornered outside and a curved inside.

The curved inside is quite unexpected. Just like the first time you open a chestnut and see that it is very round and curved on the inside. This lampshade is folded with utmost precision out of 1 piece of special FSC paper of the type Butterfly. The strong folds and curved folds on the inside play with the light.

The lamp shade gives a smooth and cozy light. It is very suitable for above the dining table or in a cozy corner in the living room but we think the lamp is perfect for the kids room!

The lampshade fits around a standard energy-saving lightbulb or LED lightbulb.
We recommend a LED lightbulb which is better for nature because there is no mercury in LED lightbulbs.


– The Chestnut lamp comes with a dark grey string of 300 cm, porcelain socket, ceiling cap and instructions.
– Light source (not included): 1 x E27 LED

The dimensions of this lampshade are:
-18 cm / 7 inch height;
-28 cm / 11 inch diameter.